Mar 31, 2022

ESP Guest Lecture Report: Ms. Yuko Tanaka (Retail Excellence Manager at Loro Piana)


Ms Yuko Tanaka (bottom right) participating in a Breakout Room discussion with students

On 19th January 2022, Ms. Yuko Tanaka gave the ESP class of the College of Business (COB) a remote guest lecture about career choice and job-hunting. Ms. Tanaka works as a Retail Excellence Manager at Loro Piana, where she trains Sales Associates in development of customer excellence skills and knowledge. Ms. Tanaka gave students an informative speech about her experiences of personal training and coaching in various industries, and her tips for job-hunting.

Firstly, Ms. Tanaka introduced herself and explained about her career in coaching and training across multiple industries including education, hospitality, and luxury. She provided an explanation about the skills she developed through her career experiences such as efficient ways of communicating, and knowledge of basic interpersonal communication skills.

As part of her talk, Ms. Tanaka gave two discussion topics to COB students with regard to their future plans and skills required for the future. In breakout rooms, students shared their opinions about future career goals and the skills necessary for achieving them. Following these discussions, Ms. Tanaka offered students five tips for job-hunting and working effectively: be flexible, respect diversity, always be willing to learn new things, and question everything.

Lastly, students had opportunities to ask questions freely, and received detailed information about the skills that Ms. Tanaka developed in each industry, and the important things when choosing companies or industries. To sum up, Ms. Tanaka’s speech encouraged students to consider their future career goals and consider what to do now to prepare for the future.

Written by Yuri Hatakeyama (2nd year student, Dept of Global Business)

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