Mar 24, 2022

ESP Guest Lecture Report: Mr. Naoki Iida (International B2B Expert)


On 8 December 2021, the ESP class of the College of Business (COB) received a guest lecture from Mr. Naoki Iida, the director of an international B2B trading company based in Vietnam. Mr. Iida gave students information about B2B business activities and introduced his overseas’ experiences.

Firstly, Mr. Iida gave a brief introduction of his background and the business domain of his company. He explained to students what it is like to work in a B2B company and discussed the reason why his company expanded to Vietnam. Next, he gave students two questions to discuss. He asked students to consider the differences between B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to company), and consider the best and the worst parts of working in other countries.

Since the lecture was given online, students were divided into several breakout rooms, with three to four people in each room to discuss the questions. After the discussion, some students spontaneously shared their points of view in front of the whole class, and Mr. Iida shared his answers with us.

Regarding the first question, Mr. Iida suggested that B2B held significant opportunities for students as there were often more opportunities to work overseas. He discussed the scale of B2B business activity and process of negotiating between companies. With respect to the second question, Mr. Iida discussed some of the key differences he found between living in Japan and overseas, noting that the experience helped him understand more about Japan and helped him question the ‘standards’ that each society sets. To end of his speech, Mr. Iida told us what was important in working abroad and how to find our ideal jobs.

After his speech, students were able to ask the speaker any questions they had. Some students asked questions about what Mr. Iida learned in his university life, while others were curious about why he chose to work for a B2B company. This valuable lecture gave the students a chance to learn about B2B business and think about their future.

Written by Ayaka Hishikawa (2nd year student, Dept. of Global Business)

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