Jul 17, 2020

Education Continues on in the COVID Era--EAP2


The College of Business at Rikkyo University kicked off its classes in April 2020 under the slogan ‘Education Continues On’. Unlike previous years, all university classes in the College of Business (COB) were entirely carried out online during the spring semester due to the spread of COVID-19. One course I took this semester was English for Academic Purposes 2 (EAP 2), which is a class that focuses on developing students’ academic skills through business-related content, such as ‘Women in Business’ and ‘Globalization in Business’. The goal of this class is to prepare students to take English mediated business classes in COB and/or for studying abroad.

In EAP 2, students studied business in English through a variety of activities, such as essay writing, business report writing, intensive readings, quizzes, group discussions, and gave several presentations. This semester was entirely different to the previous year when we had face-to-face classes. Many students were anxious before the start of the semester, not knowing what to expect, and it was initially a challenge for us to take all classes online.

However, in EAP 2, we all took the initiative and adapted well to online teaching. We found some benefits in taking online courses rather than difficulties. Many students spend a lot of time commuting to school. With our commute to the classroom significantly reduced – just to the computer - we were able to use this time more efficiently to work on assignments. In class, we also utilized various tools, including Google Docs, breakout rooms and screen sharing via Zoom to better prepare for class and to develop drafts of our work.

I believe that these online skills we developed through EAP 2 are an advantage for our future careers – learning ‘with the Corona era’. While we miss face-to-face classes and campus life at Rikkyo University, students view this as an opportunity to cultivate new skills and competencies. As a member of COB other students and I are continuing our education under COB’s slogan to broaden our knowledge and understanding of business.

Written by George Yano
College of Business (2nd year)