May 12, 2020

Education continues online - Zooming through the Overseas EAP Presentation Contest


With the presentation competition held Wednesday April 22, Winter Overseas EAP Program 2020 finally ended. Unlike in usual years, this time the contest was held online due to the influence of COVID-19. Since it was a new meeting format that we had never used before, I had several meetings with the professors, the SAs, and the leaders of each class leading up to the day. Although there were some issues unique to operating online, such as technical challenges and non-face-to-face difficulties, I was very relieved that we were able to proceed with the production smoothly. On the day of the event, there were plenty of contents such as presentations by the selected teams of each class, memory videos of the three-week program, and comments from the judges.

After the competition, I realized that I learned one important thing from this opportunity. I remembered one of the core-concepts of this program; to have a spirit to challenge yourself. At first, I was a little worried about holding this competition online, to be honest. However, now I know I was too pessimistic about trying something new. I should have learned this spirit through my overseas experience, which was two years ago. Thanks to holding this competition, I could remember what I almost forgot.

Looking back a year, being an SA of Overseas EAP Program was not easy. I faced a lot of challenges, troubles, and I even felt I am not good at being an SA. But I have never regretted the experience. I am rather proud of myself for overcoming challenges. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to every single one of the professors for supporting and giving me such an opportunity, the other SAs for encouraging me, and my students for being my students.

Tamako DOBASHI, Student Assistant, Third year student, Department of Global Business