Nov 19, 2020

ESP: Guest Lectures about Overseas Study and Internships


On October 23, the ESP class of the College of Business (COB) at Rikkyo University held a guest lecture about COB Overseas study and internships. The coordinator of the COB international office and two global business department students gave a valuable speech to students about the benefits of overseas’ experiences.

Satomi Taniguchi, the coordinator of the COB Overseas Study program, gave an overview of the COB exchange program and explained about how students should prepare for the application for the 2021 program. In addition, under the situation of COVID-19, students could learn what new options will be available during this uncertain period.

Gohki Hoshina, a senior COB student who has studied at Radbound University in the Netherlands through the COB exchange program, introduced the reasons that made him study overseas, and what he has learned through the program. Students could learn the benefits of studying overseas and received valuable advice about the difficulties that students may face, including the importance of ‘repositioning’ themselves in an entirely new context by emphasizing the strengths they bring to that study environment.

Finally, Kanji Matsumoto, a senior COB student who has completed an overseas internship, gave an explanation about his experiences of working in other countries and what differences he noticed. He mentioned that what he learned from the ESP program has helped him working in the real business field. He suggested to students that they should carefully consider about where they want to work and carry out deeper research on the links between theory and business practice.

After the lectures, students had opportunities to ask questions freely and get detailed information about COB Overseas programs. Since the college encourages students to have international experiences through their university life, it was a great chance for students to have an opportunity to learn about what programs are available with the College of Business, especially while the COVID-19 crisis continues.

Written by Seobin Oh
2nd Year, Department of Global Business, College of Business

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