Aug 26, 2020

Business Project Students worked on a business proposal for Ingenta


In the 2020 Spring semester, students in the BP (Business Project) course worked on a business proposal for Ingenta, an AI startup company based in Tokyo with locations in Silicon Valley and Taiwan. While their core service is aimed at other businesses, their vision looks to possibility AI technology promises for the future of the environment, of society and of humanity. This semester’s project emerged from this big idea, and challenges students to develop a branding strategy for Ingenta. Students researched how AI is represented in popular culture, how AI is embraced in business and how the other AI companies utilize these to construct their brand stories. With this background, students then developed a creative proposal for introducing Ingenta and its brand story to the world.

There were six students participating this course. Two were from the College of Global Business, two were from other majors (sociology and literature), and two were exchange students majoring in business. Students were divided in two groups.

This group diversity was both rewarding and challenging. Compared to a group consisting solely of Japanese students or business majors, I was surprised at how much more difficult group works was because of language barrier, national characteristic or experience. However, this experience was very valuable to me, and I learned many important things. Also, I realized how diversity could bring different points of view to the group and be stimulating to each of us.

Since all the classes in the 2020 spring semester were held through Zoom, it enabled us to have meetings anytime. This was very convenient; however, it also made me realize how difficult it is to convey ideas when compared to face to face meetings.

Overall, the course was challenging but valuable. Every session and meeting were held in English, which was everyone’s second language. Therefore, although the course participants are required to have certain level of English skills, it was a great opportunity to improve and maintain my English skills. Also, unlike other ordinary classes, this class is very practical which means we had to be professional and responsible for the client company. Practical class makes our understanding much deeper than passive class. I strongly recommend this class to students who want to challenge their English skills and business skills.

Written by Gentaro OKANO, College of Business (3rd year)