Dec 20, 2020

ESP Guest Lecture Report: Ms. Misato Yoshigaki (Training and development expert)


On 25 November 2020, the ESP class of the College of Business (COB) at Rikkyo University held a guest lecture. The speaker was Ms. Misato Yoshigaki, a training and development expert with experience at domestic and global companies. Ms. Yoshigaki gave a valuable speech to students about what it is like to work in both domestic and global companies, and what students should prepare for when they enter the job market.

Firstly, she introduced herself and gave an explanation about her career in sales, training, and operations. She has experienced working in various positions at five companies, including a major Japanese firm, a venture company, and a foreign-affiliated subsidiary. She discussed the characteristics of each company and explained her role at each.

She then led students in discussion. COB students were given two subjects to discuss: the first was “the difference between a domestic company and a global company,” and the second was “the skills/habits needed as a businessperson.” As the lecture was carried out via Zoom, students shared their ideas in breakout rooms before reporting their ideas to the whole group. After students had shared their ideas, Ms. Yoshigaki answered their questions about each topic by referring to her own experiences. She offered students advice about the skills required for businesspeople and provided some tips that they could start, while they are students, to develop their skills.

Following the lecture, students had an opportunity to ask questions freely, and were able to receive detailed information about the process for changing jobs, and habits that the students can develop in order to become human resources needed by companies. In summary, Ms. Yoshigaki’s speech inspired the COB students to consider their future and what they should do to realize their vision.

Written by Hiyori Shimada (2nd year student, Dept. of Global Business)