7/13 English-language Debate Contest 参加者募集

2019年05月13日 更新|  印刷印刷する

The 2019 English-language Debate Contest

Sponsored by 

the College of Intercultural Communication & the College of Business

(Entry Deadline: FridayMay 31, 2019)


The College of Intercultural Communication (CIC)and the College of Business (COB)are pleased to announce that the 7th annual debate contest will be held on Saturday,July 13th. Entries for the contest will be accepted until Friday, May 31st. All CIC and COB students are welcome to participate in this unique interdepartmental event.  


To registersubmit the entry form to the CIC Office (M606 McKim Hall)or e-mail your names,student IDsand e-mail addresses to ibunkagakubu[a]   [a] → @




1.    Date:            Saturday, July 13th,1:00-4:30pm.


2.    Topic:          The Japanese government should substantially increase

                          renewable energy use.

 (*nuclear power is excluded from renewable energies)


3.    Team size:  Between 2 and 4 students (i.e.,two-person,three-person,and four-                    person teams are eligible.)


4.    Rounds:      2 preliminary rounds and a final round


5.    Training Sessions: We will hold 3 training sessions from mid-June to early July to ensure all participants (including those with no prior debate experience)will be well prepared for the competition. 


6.    Language: English


7.    Award:        The winning team will receive a 30,000-yen book coupon. (All 

participants in the final round will be considered for the Best Debater Award)


8.    Contact Information: Prof. Junya Morooka (CIC) 

                                                 Office: McKim 1109 (office hours: Friday 12:15-13:15)  

                                                 E-mail: jmorooka[a]      [a] →@                                    



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