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Spring 2014 Course Registration

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Please read “Information for Course Registration” carefully and follow the instruction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Satomi Taniguchi at or to come stop by at the COB office. (McKim 6F #611)


Information download

*Printed handouts and forms are also available at the COB office (McKim 611).

1)    Information for Course Registration

2)    Course List

3)    Course Schedule

4)    Intensive Course Schedule

5)    Registration Form BJ

6)    Registration Form E

7)    Registration Form G

8)    Syllabus for Undergraduate courses offered by College of Business

9)    Syllabus for Graduate courses offered by College of Business



Important deadlines

Registration form BJ (for “Business Japanese”): 5pm 28rd March, 2014

Registration form E (for limited enrollment courses): 5pm 3rd April, 2014

Registration form G (for Graduate level courses): 5pm 3rd April, 2014