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Information for Early Return

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*This arrangement is for COB exchange students only

If classes/registration for the following (new) term resume at your home institution before the final class at Rikkyo in January, students can make special arrangements to leave Rikkyo after their final class in December.  This special arrangement applies only to those courses, listed onInformation for Early Return“. It is the responsibility of the student to check assessed grade penalty and/or requirements such as additional assignments before course registration.

This special arrangement does not hold for courses not on the list, such as courses offered by Master in International Business, other Colleges, courses offered in Japanese in the College of Business, and University General Curriculum courses. Hence, if you plan to leave in December, you should not enroll for these courses. Thus, we kindly ask students to refrain from making special requests for these courses. These arrangements are in place to prevent complications for your next year of study only and students are discouraged from arranging early return without a pressing academic concern.

To be eligible for the early return special arrangement, you are required to submit 2 documents to the COB International Business Program Office (M611) by Friday 26th September.


u   Request Form for early return

u   Official letter from your home university addressed to Prof. Yamaguchi, the Dean of the College of Business.

*This letter should certify the exact date of the semester start in January.


As the rules for special arrangement are complicated, we strongly recommend students consult their academic advisor or the exchange office before registration.

The details of procedure will be announced by email in August or during the orientation.