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Information for Course Registration at the College of Business

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General Information


<Number of credits>

According to the rules and regulations for the Japanese student visa, all exchange students are required to register for a minimum of 10 contact hours per week each semester. This is equivalent to 7 courses (90minutes x 7 courses = 10.5 hours) at Rikkyo University.

Students may register for a maximum of 20 credits per semester.  If you wish to register for more than 20 credits per semester, please consult your academic advisor at Rikkyo.


<Early Return>  *This arrangement is for COB exchange students only

Information for Early Return can be found on:



Course Information


Global Study, International Business A and B, Small Group Communication, Limited-enrolment Courses and Graduate Level Courses have specific regulations and requirements. The details can be found here.



CourseDeadlineRequired Documents
Global Study22nd Septemberemail to your academic advisor or Prof. Takezawa (Dept. Chair)
Small Group Communication16th Septemberemail to each instructor
Limited-Enrolment Courses16th SeptemberRegistration Form E
Graduate Level Courses22nd SeptemberRequest Form for Graduate Courses
 and instructor's permission