Upon Arrival
Health Insurance FAQs

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Q1: I already joined the travel insurance in my home country.  Do I have to join the Japanese National Health Insurance?

A1: Regardless of how long actually you stay in Japan, you must join the Japanese National Health Insurance if your “College Student” visa status is valid for more than 12 months.  (*Note: It is expected that all the incoming exchange students at Rikkyo likely to receive the visa status that is valid for more than 12 months.)


Q2: How can I be enrolled for the Japanese National Health Insurance?

A2: You will complete the application for the Japanese National Health Insurance when you complete the Foreign Resident Registration at the nearby city/ward office.  It is important for you to declare the lack of income at the time of application so that you can receive the discount on your insurance premium.


Q3: What is the merit of joining the Japanese National Health Insurance?

A3: The Japanese National Health Insurance can cover about 70% of medical costs incurred at most of the clinics and hospitals in Japan, excluding some specialized medical facilities.  Moreover, certain types of medical treatments cannot be covered, such as child birth, medical check and cosmetic surgery.


Q4: How can I pay for the Japanese National Health Insurance?

A4:  Once you are enrolled in the National Insurance, you will receive the invoice by mail. Then you need to deposit the amount of premium listed on the invoice.


Q5: How do I pay the rest of the medical costs not covered by the National Insurance?

A5:  You are responsible for covering about 30% of medical costs incurred.  You may either pay by yourself (and get reimbursed by your travel insurance later) or add the extra coverage by joining the Rikkyo University Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union.  If you join the Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union, you do not have to pay for the medical costs incurred at the union-contracted medical facilities (Rikkyo University Clinic and Niiza-Shiki Central General Hospital) and get the medical fees reimbursed when you receive treatment even at non-union clinics and hospitals (certain restrictions apply and we will explain the details during the orientation).  The annual insurance fee for the Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union is 3,500 yen and can be paid in cash on the first day of the orientation.