Upon Arrival
Health Insurance

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Special International Students may join the following types of health insurance programs during their stay in Japan.


(1) National Health Insurance (required):

Foreign residents whose landing permit in Japan is valid for 12 months or longer must join the National Health Insurance Program. The insurance covers about 70% of incurred medical and dental costs. The premium will be about 3,000 yen per month (based on the information in the past years), but international students, upon declaration of lack of income, may receive a discount and not need to pay the full amount.


(2) Rikkyo Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union (optional):

International students who will study at Rikkyo University may join the Rikkyo Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union Program.

By combining with the National Health Insurance, you may reduce the costs significantly. 

You need to pay the annual premium of 3,500 yen in cash on the first day of orientation.


The insurance programs above are for the medical expenses incurred during your stay in Japan and do not cover the accidents/sickness outside Japan or during overseas travel. At your own discretion, you must purchase overseas travelers’ accident (and/or sickness) insurance which covers all of your study abroad period in Japan before coming to Japan and submit the proof of such insurance with the enclosed “Special International Student Health Insurance Form” by Thursday, March 15.