Application Procedure
Application Procedure 2013 SPRING

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1st Step: We ask all Partner Universities to nominate students.


2nd Step: Once we received nomination from Partner University, an email with a password to download our application form will be sent to the students directly. Then, students must access our website and prepare all materials required.


3rd Step: All documents should be sent to COB office by their home university by the deadline. In case documents seem not to reach to us by the deadline, please send them by email before sending out.


Required documents

*before applying for the exchange program, please be sure to read "Information for Exchange Students" carefully.


1.    Application form

2.    Letter of recommendation from the applicants’ home university to indicate the student is in good standing.

3.    Official transcript

4.    Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency (if any)

5.    Certificate of Health (prescribed form)

6.    Certificate of Finance (prescribed form) attached with original bank statement

7.    Copy of Passport

8.    Two recent photographs

9.    Rikkyo University International Dormitory Housing Application (if necessary)

*before applying for a dormitory room, please be sure to read dorm information carefully.


² Every document must be written in either Japanese or English. If written in another language, a Japanese or English translation must be attached.

² We will not accept your application unless all the documents are properly completed.

² Please do not send any documents that are not required.

² Please do NOT use a stapler for any documents.


Dead line

For fall semester: 31st March

For spring semester: 30th November of previous year


Send students’ materials to;

Exchange Program Coordinator

College of Business

Rikkyo University

3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro,

Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN