Exchange with Duquesne University

Updated on: December 20, 2005|  PrintPrint

As was reported earlier, the College of Business at Rikkyo University has signed an exchange agreement with Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) for teachers and students. The above photo is of the signing ceremony that took place at Duquesne University in November this year. The picture appeared in the December 14th issue of The Duquesne University Times (the article is here).

In the front row from the left, the individuals pictured are:

  Ralph Pearson, Provost and Vice President of Academics
  Toshiya Ozaki, Professor at the College of Business, Rikkyo University
  Charles J. Dougherty, President
  Alan R. Miciak, Ph.D., Dean of Business School

In the back row from the left:

  Chikako Usui, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy
  Richard Colignon, Ph.D., Professor, Sociology Department and the Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy

The exchange agreement between the College of Business at Rikkyo University and Duquesne University came about when I visited Duquesne earlier this year in September through an introduction from Prof. Usui (I was introduced to Prof. Usui by the COB teacher, Prof. Takabumi Hayashi). Thanks to her efforts, I was able to meet many people from Duquesne and spend an extremely rewarding time from morning until night. In particular, I had a very lively discussion about leadership education with 3 teachers from the Leadership and Change Management Department. I was also allowed to observe several classes, which was extremely helpful for putting together content for the BLP program at COB and business classes conducted in English (The photo below is of Assoc. Prof. Jay Liebowitz’ class, “Leadership and Teams”). After that, discussions about partnering proceeded at a rapid pace, and Prof. Ozaki, who was put in charge of negotiations, visited Duquesne in November. The above picture is from the resulting signing ceremony.

In February next year, Prof. Lance Kurke and Assoc. Prof. Naga Sivasubramaniam from the Leadership and Change Management Department are scheduled to visit COB at Rikkyo University, give a presentation, participate in research exchange, and discuss BLP. There are also plans to send Rikkyo University students and teachers over there in the next academic year. I am very pleased that this kind of fulfilling exchange with Duquesne University has begun.

Mikinari Higano, Professor at COB