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Wendy's Japan & Rikkyo COB Collaboration Has Started

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On October 11th, 2013, representatives from Wendy’s Japan and its parent company Higa Industries came to Rikkyo University to introduce the project for the fall semester Bilingual Business Project (BBP) course.  BBP is the capstone course of the Bilingual Business Leader Program (BBL) in the Department of Global Business, requiring students to apply theoretical business concepts they have learned throughout their studies to real-world business situations.  Conducted entirely in English, the course seeks to develop students' written and oral communicative abilities in order to prepare them for work in an increasingly competitive international environment.  Collaboration with established companies forms the backbone of these two goals, as students receive both practical business experience and the chance to develop language skills through these partnerships.

This semester’s project with Wendy’s Japan continues this tradition.  Ernest Higa, CEO of Higa Industries and majority partner in Wendy’s Japan, introduced the project to the students and fielded questions regarding the company’s strategy.  As Wendy’s Japan has only recently re-entered Japan, students were asked to analyze the hamburger market and challenged to develop an innovative plan to steadily increase company’s market share over five years.  In December, the students will present their proposals to members of Higa Industries and Wendy’s Japan in Tokyo.

Also attending the presentation were Toshihiko Kawakami, general manager of Wendy’s Japan, and Shogo Kawada of International Communications. 

This semester, a total of 17 students are enrolled in the course:  four Japanese students and 13 exchange students from countries across the world, including France, Denmark, England, and China.


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