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DHC Ltd visited Rikkyo

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On the 11th of October, Mr. Kageura, the Director of IT Promotion Department along with Mr. Fujioka and Mr. Tsuchiyama from DHC Ltd visited Komatsu and Kosaka’s seminar. DHC representatives gave a presentation on the project that students are required to do in this semester. The seminar consists of 17 sophomore students and couple of senior students.

In the presentation, Ms. Tsuchiyama (who is an OG of our business department and a past student of Matsumoto seminar) gave an overview of the Japanese skin care products market based on multiple valuable data. Mr. Fujioka and Tsuchiyama provided supplementary explanations.

In this semester, students are required to come up with the business strategies of “how to expand the DHC’s product awareness within the young people.” This is a great project since the class specifically focuses on the communication strategies.

The students will divided into four groups and will present their business strategies on the 13th of December at headquarter of DHC Ltd. 




Elective Courses

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