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Second-year "International Business" students present market entry strategy proposals for a major Ja...

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 On Saturday 7 January, second-year students of “International Business” presented their market entry business proposals at a symposium held on Ikebukuro campus. Students were tasked with developing a plan to assist a major Japanese beverage company (Asahi Group) expand by entering new markets overseas. In groups, students researched the country-specific factors of their assigned countries and as well as decided which product would be most appropriate for the country, were to demonstrate an understanding of market entry modes, production location decisions, and marketing considerations. Twenty-four teams presented their proposals in three parallel sessions, with six teams presenting their business proposals in a final presentation round. Faculty members, special guests from international corporations including Koichi Komatsu, advisor at Mitsubishi Corporation, and importantly fellow students asked each group challenging questions and gave thoughtful critiques to the presenters.

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Elective Courses

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