Graduate Courses

The Graduate School of Business was newly formed in 2006 as a parent body for the existing graduate program in business administration of the Graduate School of Economics and the applied sociology course of the Graduate School of Sociology. The educational and research mission of the Graduate School of Business is to cultivate researchers and highly skilled professionals who are able to apply their analytical skills and knowledge in new business environments through a variety of approaches to such issues as globalization and modulization of production processes, and the emergence of global networks within corporate bodies.

Currently there is a significant need in society to understand the dynamic changes in the business environment that companies face and for response measures to be identified. Such understanding and responses are required not merely in practical terms, but also in theoretical aspects of business management. The Graduate School of Business aims to emphasize interdisciplinary business-related education from a broader perspective than before, responding to the expectations of society for academic graduate school education considering the new business environment from a variety of approaches.

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