Five-year BA/MA Program


The College of Business aims to "cultivate business persons with a global perspective and values required in the new era of the 21st century", through providing a balanced education that incorporates (1) specialization in business studies, (2) leadership, (3) a global perspective, and (4) foreign language skills.

In today's world, where business is becoming increasingly globalized and knowledge ever more concentrated, the aim in providing a five-year BA/MA Program in which four years of undergraduate study are combined with a one-year Master's program is to respond to a need in society to enable students with particularly strong potential in both academic and leadership aspects and who are highly motivated, to take their education to a higher level than would be possible within the confines of a four-year undergraduate course. This course is being run on a trial basis in response to similar courses being developed in Europe and the United States, where broader and more analytical study is now being called for as a means of enabling students to flourish as outstanding business persons.

On the five-year BA/MA Program of the College of Business, the specific aims are to provide an advanced level education comprising a combination of the items described below, and to cultivate "global business persons with advanced knowledge and practical skills" that is only possible through the five-year BA/MA Program.

  1. Leadership skills: Provide a variety of programs that would normally be difficult to experience in a standard four-year undergraduate course, including long-term internships and volunteer experiences in Japan and overseas during the third year, thus further boosting leadership potential.
  2. Global perspective and language skills: Provide a one-year period of overseas study in the middle of the five-year BA/MA Program, starting from the second semester of the third year. This is not simply an overseas experience as students receive a more advanced and specialized education in business studies during their overseas university placement, as well as broadening their global perspective and deepening their understanding of different cultures.
  3. Specialist professional skills: Gain more advanced and specialized knowledge at the graduate level, and develop skills that enable students to contribute to society as outstanding work-ready business persons.

Students registered at COB who are selected through a screening process based on the above criteria will start to audit the first semester courses of the Graduate School of Business during their fourth year of undergraduate study. After graduating from the College of Business they will continue on to their first semester of graduate school and be able to complete the graduate module of the program in one year.