Department of Business

For Creative Business Leaders

Rikkyo University has been known for its tradition of both commerce study and liberal arts education for over 100 years. In the Department of Business, business is viewed not only as a way of pursuing utility and effectiveness, but also as an ethical activity. The curriculum is organized around basic and specialized fields of business administration, as well as various related fields such as economics, sociology, psychology, information science, and statistics. Study of commerce is deepened with study of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, and of the complicated world that has made such subjects important. The curriculum is as varied as is todays business environment.

Moreover, the progressive structure of the curriculum, centered on the Business Leadership Program (BLP) makes for a manageable, efficient, and effective pathway to mastery of business skills and knowledge, tempered by values learned from the liberal arts.

Business Leadership Program (BLP)

Keypoints of the department

Leadership experience through group work:

Students, through their experiences of working in small groups, learn roles and abilities required for business leaders and team members.

Creativity for business through goal-oriented project work:

Students experience the process of planning, action, and result in their projects, which nurture the creativity needed in business today.

Combining class lessons with experience in business:

Second and third year students will visit companies and experience business first hand, reconfirming knowledge and skills from their classes. This will provide students with a tangible image of their future in business.

In the first year, study skills and the foundations of business are learned:

In learning Business Administration, a required first-year course, students see what they are will learn over the next four years, as they acquire basic knowledge. For example, students will understand the flow of the four major factors of business: people, product, money, and information through a business simulation game in which they become entrepreneurs.

Elective Courses from the Department of Global Business:

Some courses of the Department of Global Business are transferable, which allows students to take specialized courses, such as the Bilingual Business Leader Program (BBL), Leadership in International Organizations, or International Accounting, based on their own interests. In addition, students have opportunities to join study-abroad programs.