AISEC is the world's largest student organization offering international internship programs. Since it was established in 1948, the activities have been widely recognized and currently it has a global network that extends to 89 countries and regions, involving the activities of 18,000 students at over 800 universities. AISEC activities offer the opportunity for students to experience internships at international companies and NGO's, help students realize their own potential, and help develop citizens who will be responsible for the next generation of international society.

AISEC places the greatest importance on international understanding and mutual cooperation between different cultures. In Japan, a committee represents 24 major universities, and about 1000 students take part each year, of which about 150 students participate in overseas activities. At Rikkyo University, members of the AIESEC Rikkyo committee arrange cooperation with companies and support overseas internships at businesses that offer experience to a large number of students.

AIESEC Rikkyo committee (J)