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Rikkyo College of Business Lecture Series: Diversity Managemet - Advancing Women @IBM

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Rikkyo College of Business Lecture Series
Diversity Managemet Advancing Women @IBM

Zane Zumbahlen
Vice President of Human Resources, IBM Japan


Classroom 1202, Rikkyo University

Tuesday, October 24 from 18:30 to 20:00

(Conducted in English)


Being one of the world’s leading globally integrated enterprises that consistently commits to hiring workforce diversity, IBM prides its workforce regardless of creed, culture, race or gender, being the fountainhead of its success in the global competition, the source that conceives and collects brilliant ideas for the firm and our clients.

IBM’s constituent of employees is the exemplification of a diversified market where sales, product development and services are rendered, therefore upholding and maintaining this high standard will be the company’s ongoing responsibility.

The significance of equal opportunity is highly regarded worldwide. In a competitive market, market opportunity must be exploited by the firm as an entity let alone employees themselves. Each individual employee with different backgrounds, skills and experiences are the absolute prominent features in a stage where need or demand trend will be identified.

Zane Zumbahlen is Vice President of Human Resources, IBM Japan. Zane has 22 years with IBM, holding positions in various business units (Hardware, Software, Consulting, Corporate, Sales, and Research) and functions within HR (Generalist, Talent, Acquisitions, Compensation, Business Development, Staffing, and HR/IT).  He has worked across the US and been on assignment in Sweden.  External certifications include Society for HR Management [Professional in HR (PHR)] and World at Work [Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)].  He is passionate about strategic HR, diversity, optimizing talent, and being provocative with work being done. He holds MLRHR from Michigan State University and BS in Psychology from University of Illinois.

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