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Announcement: "Good Business Initiative: creating value for companies in a post-global era" Event

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On the 12th of December at 5:00pm, the College of Business will hold its symposium at Tachikawa Memorial hall. The guests speakers will be, Mr. Akihiko Tanaka (President of the Japan International Coorporation Agency JICA), Mr. Uchida Shiro (Chairman of the Board of PricewaterhouseCoopers), and Mr. Shouji Arakawa (Chairman of the Bridgestone).

Rikkyo University was founded in 1874, and established the new “College of Business” in 2006 with 3 core programs:
By integrating these three programs :
BLP – Business Leadership Program
BBL – Bilingual Business Leadership Program
GBI – Good Business Initiative
with other specialized business courses, Rikkyo University is aiming to create a new kind of College of Business Department. They are also aiming to train students to become the leaders of 21st century businesses who will have sound knowledge in the operations behind global businesses. This symposium was planned as a part of the “Good Business Initiative (GBI)” program of the College of Business. The guest speakers will share their perspectives regarding the “Global Society of the 21st Century.”

Today, the Japanese economy is faced with various challenges. For example, the instability of the Japanese employment system, issues regarding the aging population, issues within the domestic manufacturing industry, due to the increased rate of yen, and so on. On a global level, we not only must confront with the financial crisis in United States, but also major political and social issues; the most prominent being global environmental issues, political unrest in the Middle East, and poverty in developing countries.

As the near future still remains unclear, the global business instructors will answer our questions, such as “what is global business,” “what are good global human resources, regardless of the profit and non-profit,” and “how do we train people, so as to broaden their knowledge in regards to global business”.
By combining the perspectives of a non-profit organization, international coorperation global manufacturer, and global consultation, the state of Japanese companies in today’s society will be discussed.

Rikkyo University, College of Business
“Good Business Initiative: creating value for company in post-global era”

12/12/2012 17:00-19:00

3-34-1 Nishi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo-to
Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus, Tachikawa Memorial hall

The speakers:
Mr. Akihiko Tanaka (President of the Japan International Coorporation Agency JICA)
Mr. Uchida Shiro (Chairman of the Board of PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Mr. Shouji Arakawa (Chairman of the Bridgestone)
(in Japanese, without translation)


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