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Announcement of 7th Asia Action Learning Forum

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Dear Rikkyo University Students and Staff, 


In collaboration of the World Institute for Action Learning - JapanWIAL-Japan and the College of Business, Rikkyo we will hold the event, 7th Asia Action Learning Forum. This event will include presentations by Rikkyo Staff and Students, so please come and join us to support our university.

When:  08/11/2012 (Thursday) ~09/11/2012 (Friday)

Where: Ikebukuro Campus in Rikkyo University

Rikkyo Students and Staff are free to attend.

Action learning is a unique seminar which concerns the various aspects of leadership skills education, by discussing problem solving skills, and the structure issues of companies. Since the 1990s, action learning has mainly been used as a method of corporate training. However nowadays, specific methods, such as peer learning and active learning of Action learning, has also been widely recognized. Therefore the Action learning method has been widely adopted within universities, high schools and vocational schools.

1st Day:

08/11/2012  10:00am-12pm

Case Study:

"Action Learning in BLP at Rikkyo University"

Mikinari Higano

Professor and Director, Business Leadership Program, College of Business and Director, Institute for Leadership Studies, College of Business, Rikkyo University.

2nd day


Keynote Speak: "Leading with Questions

Achieving Greater Results in a Diverse Society"

Dr. Micheael Marquardt

George Washington University Professor, President WIAL

2nd day

09/11/2012 14:45-16:15

Panel Discussion: "Adult Learning & In-House Training

“The Meaning of Questions"


Fuyuki Seki

Curator, Company History Office Matsushita Konosuke Rekishikan, Panasonic

Megumi Hayasaka

V10 Project, Planning Department, Kirin Brewery

Mikinari Higano

Professor, Business Department, Rikkyo University


Fumiyo Seimiya


2nd day

09/11//2012 13:00-14:00

Case Study:

"Peer Learning with Action Learning Case Study of a Vocational School"

Miyuki Matsuda

Management Strategy Advisor, Asia Pacific Child Conference, Fukuoka