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A Symposium with Prof. Richard Steers and Prof. Joyce Osland

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The College of Business invited Dr. Richard Steers, Professor Emeritus from the University of Oregon, to be a featured guest at an international seminar, an open class, and an informal discussion with COB teaching staff. Dr. Steers is the past president of the Academy of Management, which is one of the largest management-related societies in the world and is the most influential. He is a noted researcher who has written numerous books on motivation and intercultural management, including Motivation and Work Behavior and Management Across Cultures: Challenges and Strategies, and he is a highly influential individual not only in academia, but also in the world of American business. All the events were extremely valuable experiences for both the students and the teaching staff.

1. International Seminar:

A 2-day international seminar was held under the unified theme, “Globalization, Challenges for Managers, and Calls for Leadership.” The seminar was divided into 2 sections. The first was an international symposium, and the second was an international workshop. The outcomes of both meetings are to be published in a special feature in the 3rd edition of the COB academic journal, Rikkyo Business Review.

1-1 International Symposium:

On June 12th (Friday) an international symposium was held from 5:00PM–7:00PM at Hall No.8 with the aim of gaining the general public’s understanding of the latest academic knowledge concerning global management so that the public can utilize such knowledge. The theme of the symposium was “Global Managers, Global Minds,” and discussions were held on the type of leaders and managers necessary in this global age, and what kind of management is needed to cultivate such leaders and managers. The170 participants included members of the general public, researchers, and COB students. Surveys collected after the event showed the symposium was positively received and included comments such as, “I think I understand the issues that should be faced by managers in this global age…(company employee)” and “I was able to gain new insight into what a global manager is…(COB student).” The participants had high praise for the event.


1-2 International Workshop:

On June 13th (Saturday) from 10:00AM–3:30PM, 27 researchers representing 9 countries presented their work at an academic meeting. The 27 researchers were carefully selected from the many applications accepted from researchers around the world. Over 40 researchers participated, including the presenters. Each of the presentations was academically outstanding, and animated discussions were held about the latest research in management studies.

2. Open Class:

An open class for students conducted by Dr. Steers was held on June 18th (Thursday) from 6:10PM–7:30PM. There were 92 COB students in attendance. The theme of the class was “One Globe, Many Worlds: The challenges of managing across cultures,” and Dr. Steer’s lecture addressed problems in intercultural management and how to overcome them. The lecture included numerous specific examples and was an extremely interesting, straightforward talk. In addition, the entire class was conducted in English, including the question and answer session. Many of the COB students from both the Dept. of Global Business and the Dept. of Business seemed to understand the majority of the content, and the students eagerly participated in the question and answer period following the lecture.

3. Informal Discussion with COB Teaching Staff:

SAn informal discussion was held on June 17th (Wednesday) among the COB teaching staff, Dr. Steers, and Dr. Joyce Osland from San Jose State University. The discussion was scheduled to last an hour and a half, but the debate was so intense that the time proved to be too short. The participants discussed what is necessary to exercise global leadership and what is needed in university education to cultivate such leadership. The majority of participants expressed the desire to hold this type of informal discussion on a regular basis.

(Prof. Jun Ishikawa, COB)