Windows Marketing contest

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We would like to congratulate Ryo Yamaguchi who won the top prize in the Windows marketing contest (sponsored by Microsoft Japan), which was held in late February


I (Ryo Yamaguchi) have been involved in this marketing contest since the beginning of February. In this contest I was required to come up with the business plan of “how to sell windows’ computers to the new university students.”

This contest involved 45 teams and I was in the team with my friend, Shinta who is from Meiji University. At first we had no idea what we were doing or how we should start working on the project. However, by analyzing the current situation of windows and the problems windows are facing, we were able to see how windows could succeed at selling their computers to the new students.

As a result we came up with the plan of “Your Best Windows” service which is a website platform of current university students. When new students want to know the information on their university, department, clubs etc. they will search using this website and it will link them to the senior students who could give information to them.

In the final presentation (which was held in 27th February), we brought up the strength of the Apple company in order for the audience to see how our products would overcome this strength, and also to convince the audience that our idea will help windows to succeed in selling their products.

As a result, we received a top prize in this contest. I would like to thank my friends and teachers who supported me through this project.