COB Farewell Gathering

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On the 14th of March, the Pledgee Committee held “The Farewell Gathering” for the graduate students. The students in Pledge Committee were undergraduates who wanted to congratulate their senior students, separating from the school event.

This year’s farewell was planned with the purpose of “the reflection of four years of university life” and “having a new mindset for working as an adult”. From these two purposes the committee has planned this farewell with the theme of “connections between people.” The reason for this is that they wanted the graduates to remember the strong “bonds” created by being in the College Of Business and would like for the graduates to continuingly having this bonds after leaving the university.

On the day of the farewell, a total of 122 students has attended the event. 

The committee would like to thank everyone and good luck for your future.

By Dotsu Kenji


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