COB instructors join the 2012 TOEIC Essay Writing Workshop

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To support high school students preparing for the 2012 TOEIC Essay writing contest, Gene Thompson and Nerys Rees of the Rikkyo College of Business presented a writing skills workshop at TOEIC Japan headquarters on July 25th, 2012.

The workshop, organized by and provided free to high school students by TOEIC Japan, was well attended by 21 highly-motivated high school students from as far away as Gifu and Nagoya.

Mr. Thompson and Ms. Rees worked with the students in an intensive one-day skills-focused program, which moved from essay structure activities to actual writing practice. The day finished with one-on-one conferences for each student with one instructor, allowing them to get individualized feedback on their writing.

The students are all planning to join the 2012 TOEIC Essay contest for high school students, and brought their ideas about the topic of cross-cultural experience and communication for developing further in the workshop.

“The students really did their best to actively participate - asking questions and working collaboratively to improve together,” Mr. Thompson explained. “It was really pleasing to see their essays taking shape over the course of the day”.

Ms. Rees added, “All the students were highly motivated and worked hard to digest an enormous amount of information.  It was a real pleasure to work with the students and help them develop their 

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