The BBL staff taught high school students at a TOEIC® essay workshop.

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On the 28th of July Heath Rose and Nicola Galloway took part in a TOEIC® workshop. The promotional event was held to help students who wished to enter the yearly TOEIC essay contest. The overall aims of the one-day workshop were to recognize similarities and differences between essays and paragraphs, identify parts of an essay, learn vocabulary used to talk about an essay, learn about different ways to brainstorm to get ideas for an essay, complete an outline to organize ideas, learn how to write essay introductions and conclusions and how to use transitions in an essay. A further aim was to give high school students the chance to experience ‘university’ style essay writing and take a writing class in English with students from other schools, who are also interested in English.

In the morning after introductions from TOEIC® staff, an ice-breaker activity was conducted to encourage the students to talk to each other in English. This went well and  gave the teachers a chance to talk with the students and get to know everyone. After that, the morning classes focused on essay-writing skills. All of the activities were conducted in English and students seemed to enjoy the activities. Various activities were conducted and students worked alone, in pairs and in groups. The groups were also changed several times to enable everyone to talk with different people. After the lessons, students were then given a short time after lunch to write their essays and then had private consultations with the teachers in the afternoon sessions to improve their essays. The private consultations went well and gave students a chance to discuss their own essay with the teachers and ask questions.

Overall, the workshop was a success. Students gave a lot of positive feedback at the end of the workshop both to the teachers and in their questionnaires given to the TOEIC® staff. There will be an awards ceremony held in November for the winners of the 2011 contest and both teachers plan to attend. The judges and past winners will also be present. 

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