COBBY Welcome Party for Exchange Students Was Held on April 29

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On Thursday, April 28th, the College of Business, Rikkyo University held a Welcome Party for exchange students at a cafeteria called Yamagoya. Due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, many exchange students cancelled their plans to study at Rikkyo University this semester. However, six exchange students stayed in Japan, and two new students came to study in the College of Business. To welcome them, we decided to hold a welcome party. Since the party was arranged during the time of welcome activities for new students in the university, we were not sure whether they would be able to attend. However, over 130 students came to the party. Since many of the participants were new students, it was a great opportunity for these 1st year students to get to know more about Rikkyo University. We would like to regard the Welcome Party for the exchange students as the start of our exchange. From now onwards, COBBY will plan many activities and make good and strong relations between the exchange and Rikkyo students.

Written by: Seigyoku Shi (2nd year student, Department of Global Business)

Translated by: Akihiro Takemoto (3rd year student, Deparrtment of Global Business)