Business Leadership Program,Core Curriculum of the Department of Business

About BLP

The Business Leadership Program (BLP) is the core curriculum of the Department of Business and encourages students to take an active role in the global community. Through team-based projects and skill-enhancing exercises, BLP nurtures business leadership capabilities in an experience-based learning environment.

BLP Curriculum: Enhancing Leadership Skills Though Project-based Learning


The Business Leadership Program (BLP) begins with an "Introduction to Leadership" course in the Spring semester of the first year, and concludes with BL4 in the Spring of the third year. This five-semester course of study has a dual approach, using project implementation and skill enhancement to develop leadership. In the semester dedicated to project implementation, students learn to recognize their strengths, and in the succeeding semester dedicated to skill enhancement they work to develop these good points intensively. The cycle continues in the next project implementation semester, where students can check their own progress.

BLP Curriculum

≪Project Implementation≫

Students undertake projects in the spring semester of each academic year. In the Introduction to Leadership course (spring semester of the first year), students work in teams to solve a business challenge, learning about the necessity of leadership and specialist knowledge. In BL2 (Spring semester of the second year) and BL4 (Spring semester of third year), as students advance through the academic year, the projects become more complex, with students aiming to be able to submit a compelling proposal to a company or organization.

≪Skill Enhancement≫

Skill enhancement courses are implemented in the autumn semester of each academic year and skills become more complex with each advancing year. In BL1 (Second semester of the first year), students build reasoning skills through debate. By BL3 (Autumn semester of the second year) they have become aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses and can select course content according to their own needs or desires. The following courses are available: Reflection Skills (BL3-A), Communication Skills (BL3-B) and Critical Reasoning Skills (BL3-C).

Leadership skills learned through BLP are like the front wheel of a bicycle, with specialist knowledge acquired through specialist courses selected in parallel with BLP being like the rear wheel of a bicycle. The purpose of BLP is ultimately to enable students to acquire leadership skills that can be realized without being in a position of authority--leadership that demonstrates vision and engages those around you.

Persons interested in these activities are welcome to contact the Program Director of the BLP, Mikinari Higano (

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Why Leadership?

The word "leadership" may bring to mind the image of a charismatic leader, or perhaps of an older person in a position of seniority. However, instinct-based and authority-based leadership are just two special forms of a wider definition of leadership.

In the business arena, and indeed in all areas of society, what is required first and foremost are people who have skills to motivate others, to work together and achieve results in a team unit. These skills may be the most important part of leadership. The Business Leadership Program develops leadership that can be realized without being in a position of authority¬--leadership that demonstrates vision and engages those around you. This is what we call business leadership. Effective teams are filled with members who demonstrate these kind of horizontal and communicative leadership skills, and these are the type of skills developed over the course of the BLP curriculum.

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