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[Business Leadership Level 4] The first presentation

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On the 15th of May, the Business Leadership level 4 students had their first presentation in Rikkyo University on Ikebukuro Campus. On that day, we invited the representatives from Ameba Ltd., and a total of seven teams presented their business strategies on “the new services Ameba should introduce at ‘Ameba Platform.”

With having only 2weeks to prepare the presentation the students made great presentations. When the judges announced the results, some students burst into tears. The first prize went to the group 3 who proposed an idea of “Hirukon” which was a strategy to make a new service application to connect the university students during their lunch time. The students received great feedbacks on their presentations.

The final presentations will require for them to improve their proposals from the feedbacks they received in this presentation. I am looking forward for the students to come up with greater proposals.

The final presentation:

When: 8th of July

Place: The headquarters of CyberAgent Ltd.


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