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[Business Leadership Level 2] MyNavi Ltd

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On the 15th of May, the 5th session of BL2 was held with the topic of “the feasibility of the ideas.” The first half of this session was held by MyNavi Ltd and the second half was concentrated on a group work.

In the first half of the session, a representative of MyNavi Ltd mainly talked about the development of their services. I was able to understand how the ideas were becoming “real” at MyNavi Ltd.

In the group work session, all the BL2 classes were gathered in one large classroom and were divided into groups to have discussions. A representative of MyNavi gave us great feedback from the point of view of their company, and we had a valuable experience discussing with a Mynavi’s representative.

I would like to thank MyNavi Ltd and all the students who were involved. 

By Kotaro Yamazaki (3rd year student at College of Business)

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