Business Leadership Program,Core Curriculum of the Department of Business

2012 Business Leadership Level 2 Project

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Mynavi Inc. has been decided as this year’s client for the Business Leadership Level 2 (BL2) course. The second year students of BL2 will be going to work on a project between April and July. In BL2, the students are expected to come up with business proposals based on their experiences in BL1 (Business Leadership Level 1) and BL0 (Business Leadership Level0 – Introductory Level).


By BL2 professor:

The following two points have been found to be difficult by students in the past years:

·         "The idea is fantastic but the students haven’t thought about how they actually can make it happen in real life,” and

·         "The ideas have already been created elsewhere."

In order to achieve these difficulties, you will need to work well in your team. I am sure that you will most likely struggle to work as a group at the beginning, but you will need to think about how you could work well as a team and use your past experiences to think about how you can achieve this project.

I hope many students will enjoy this project, and I am looking forward for the proposals in July.