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The finals for Business Leadership level 4 (BL4) were held

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BL41.jpgOn the 8th of July 2012, the final competitions for Business Leadership Level 4 (BL4) course were held at the headquarters of Cyber Agent. A total of 7 teams presented their business proposals to the judges, including the president of Cyber Agent. In their business proposals, students were required to come up with a plan of “How to become the number one cellphone company (as in getting 10 million customers) in Japan by the end of 2013.” The students have been working on the challenge throughout the semester in which they are required not only to apply the theories of competitive strategy to the real world situation but also to deploy project management skills and leadership capabilities. 

On the day of presentation, the students presented their business proposals to the judges. When the awards were announced some of students burst into tears, saying it was the best experience of their life and they were so glad to take BL4 this semester. In addition to the positive feedbacks from judges, they also said “I wish I was able to take a business class like this when I was younger. I was impressed and was very inspired by the students.”


First Prize: Team Cyber Girlssss (A business plan “PossiP”)

3rd year Business students: Asami Kobayashi and Misa Sekimoto

3rd year Global Business students: Kanako Naito and Riki Nagai

Second Prize: Team Billion Lights (A business plan “Otoba”)

3rd year Business students: Akitoshi Nakazawa, Yuya Sato and Shouji Yoshimoto

3rd year Global Business student: Risa Kuribayashi


We wish you all the best in the future.

 By Takeshi Mizuno (4th year of Global Business department – SA for BL4) 

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