Bilingual Business Leader Program,Core Curriculum of Department of Business

About BBL

The Bilingual Business Leader Program (BBL) is the core curriculum of the Department of Global Business and aims to provide students with the capabilities to learn about business in an English language environment. BBL courses include Overseas English for Academic Purposes (EAP), EAP 1, EAP 2, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), and Bilingual Business Project (BBP). These English language programs then lead on to Global Business major elective courses that are conducted in English. The Department of Global Business conducts more than 70% of its major elective courses entirely in English.

Curriculum Overview

Students entering the Department of Global Business start off by taking the English for General Purposes course that is common to the entire university. In the summer period of the first year students focus on learning the basics of university-level business English through the Overseas EAP course that is conducted overseas at a partner university. In the second semester of the first year students take English for Academic Purposes (EAP) 1, which is followed up with EAP 2 in the first semester of the second year. This phased learning helps students to enhance their English abilities, and they then move on to take English communication courses.

In the second semester of the second year Basic Courses are introduced in a coordinated approach between the English teaching staff and Global Business major teaching staff. Classes are also provided in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes provided in tandem with the English language-based Basic Courses.

From the third year onwards ESP courses are discontinued, with students able to take Sheltered Courses (using simplified English) and Mainstream Courses (using English equivalent to that used in universities in English-speaking countries). It is not unusual for nearly half the students in third-year courses to be from overseas.

Department of Global Business Curriculum

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Educational goals of BBL

The ultimate goal of the BBL Program is not to merely acquire English skills. The objective is for students to use English to learn about international business and other areas of specialization, and to develop leadership skills that can be applied in international business situations.
The BBL Program features the following characteristics:

  • Focus on project-based learning using students' own initiative
  • Focus on developing leadership skills (in cooperation with BLP)
  • Introduction of small-group classes (to the greatest degree possible) and streamed (ability-based) classes.
  • Consultation between teachers of Global Business major courses and English courses
  • Multi-faceted curriculum that increases English level in a phased manner
  • Curriculum in which major elective courses are taught in English (two-thirds of Global Business electives are provided exclusively in English)
  • Active efforts to promote overseas study and accept international students
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Targeted Learning Outcomes at the End of the Second Year

We have revised the Learning Outcomes of the BBL program which set out the target for students who major in Global Business in the College of Buisiness to reach by the end of the second year. This was adapted from Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment.

Learning Outcomes 2017(656KB)

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Research Projects

In the BBL Program a number of research projects are undertaken, focusing on linkages and connections with high schools and other universities.

In collaboration with high schools the following kinds of activities are implemented:

  • Participation by high school students in BBL lectures, with comparisons being made with high school classes,
  • BBL teaching staff are dispatched to high schools, where they give mock classes using the same teaching methods as the BBL Program, which are then evaluated, and
  • BBL teaching staff become advisers for English language classes at high schools, offering advice on curriculum, syllabus, teaching methods and evaluation methods.

In collaboration with industry the following kinds of activities are undertaken:

  • Provision of lectures in English about corporate activities,
  • Evaluation and advice concerning the BBL Program, and
  • Exchanges of opinions on ideal format for HR development.

Persons interested in these activities are welcome to contact the Program Director of the BBL Program, Shigeru Matsumoto (

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