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Neil McInnes, General Manager of the Conrad Hotel Tokyo, gives students an insight into the hospital...

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On July 5th 2018, Mr. Neil McInnes, the General Manager at Conrad Hotel Tokyo, visited Rikkyo University to give a talk about the hospitality industry, looking at key take outs from his career. Mr. McInnes has worked in hospitality for over twenty-three years within the Hilton group, and was able to share with students the central skills that a person requires for working in hospitality, in particular when adjusting to various global contexts.

First, Mr. McInnes gave students an overview of roles in hospitality, looking at positions he had held over the years, from where he started out at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow, to being a part of a new hotel opening in Sydney, to serving as regional director managing Japanese, Korean, and Micronesia markets. He also discussed his current role as the General Manager of the Conrad Hotel Tokyo. Mr. McInnes explained the various skill sets required and important lessons he learned working in different countries and through the various positions he held. He emphasized that “hard work pays off” and the importance of respecting and striving to understand different cultures to meet market expectations. For example, one of the Hilton group’s goals is “to offer customers great experiences”. To do this, Mr. McInnes believes it is paramount to understand who the customer is and where the customer is from, which can enable employees to deliver a better customer experience. Therefore, within the Hilton group, emphasis is placed on increasing employee awareness and ensuring everyone understands the Hilton vision and values.

Next, Mr. McInnes focused on the necessity of developing human resources, especially leadership skills to identify those who may take positions of leadership in the future. Moreover, he emphasized the Hilton group’s commitment to diversity, such as its goal to increase the number of female leaders and the number of Japanese in managerial roles. Finally, Mr. McInnes introduced students to the special trainee program, especially designed for Japanese students interested in working in hospitality, which is an accelerated program to develop essential skills to become a general manager. To close, Mr. McInnes encouraged students to stand out and to seek a better understanding of the world through travelling. Mr. McInnes’ talk was very interesting, with a number of students approaching him to learn more about the special trainee program.

Article by Mayuko Ohashi (COB, 2nd year student)
Photos by Professor Herbert Donovan

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