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On June 14, 2018, Mr. Gonta Kashio, the Head of the Business Development Department & M&A at Shiseido Co.,Ltd (or Shiseido Group) , visited the College of Business (COB) to give a lecture to second year students in the EAP 2 course. His talk focused on Shiseido and strategies taken by Shiseido to expand globally. To begin, Mr. Kashio shared his career experience, also explaining how he came to work at Shiseido, under the goal (mission) of helping Shiseido expand its international presence.

Next, Mr. Kashio revealed his seven key learnings in pursuing business: (1) maintain brand value to sustain growth; (2) think globally and adapt locally; (3) diversity is the source of innovation; (4) innovation means little without speed, (5) think big, start small, and move fast to achieve something; (6) 80% agreement; 100% execution; and (7) leadership is a partnership which leads to high performance. Under these core values, Mr. Kashio discussed how he approaches business, highlighting his achievements. Next, Mr. Kashio introduced Shiseido to students, explaining the history of the company, as well as the identity and mission of Shiseido as a “lifestyle company”, not only a leader in the beauty industry. He also explained key moments for Shiseido, which allowed them to become one of the world’s top five cosmetic companies. Following this, Mr. Kashio talked about three of Shiseido’s core strategies: marketing, innovation, and human resource development. He provided examples of marketing initiatives, highlighting collaboration with firms to improve products and production. Mr. Kashio highlighted that embracing diversity is vital to understand various perspectives and to facilitate innovation. He also emphasized that at Shiseido the development of human resources was a priority, under the philosophy of “people first”. Finally, Mr. Kashio stated that having a clear vision, making the right strategic choices, implementing and taking action, as well as measuring results, is the roadmap to success.

Mr. Kashio’s lecture was very insightful and valuable for the COB students, who are currently working on a business project examining globalization strategies taken by various companies. COB students were able to learn more about the logic behind employing different types of strategies thanks to Mr. Kashio. To end, Mr. Kashio provided an opportunity for students to participate in a Q&A session, where COB students were able to receive constructive feedback to help them with their business projects.

Article by Nozomu Ohtsubo (COB, 2nd year student)

Photos by Professor Herbert Donovan

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