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Nobuko Ikegami, APAC Sales Learning Leader at Facebook Japan, discusses the importance of diversity ...

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On May 31, 2018, Ms. Nobuko Ikegami, APAC Sales Learning Leader at Facebook, visited the College of Business at Rikkyo University to give a presentation to second year students about her career experience and her life as a mother holding down a full-time career.

First, Ms. Ikegami shared her career experience, working for EMC, Dell and Apple, before taking up her current position with Facebook. She pointed out that at Facebook "nothing is somebody else's problem" and the importance of helping each other to solve problems or challenges. She further explained that, at Facebook, diversity is not something that the company aims for; rather, it is something that is created by the employees. This creates a more inclusive environment. Moreover, Facebook positions diversity and inclusion as mandatory in order to serve the 2.2 billion people who use Facebook globally. Because of these beliefs, Ms Ikegami finds the Facebook work environment rewarding and in line with her own ideas.

Next, Ms. Ikegami discussed her career, specifically focusing on how she balances a demanding career, while raising her daughter. She emphasized the importance of sharing childcare with a partner, and discussed the challenges facing parents in Japan, such as the lack of day care facilities and inadequate policies to support working families. Focusing on her own experience, Ms. Ikegami, highlighted flexible working policies employed at Facebook to support working families. She called on more companies to employ such systems to help retain mothers in the workforce.

Ms. Ikegami's presentation was very insightful for students who are currently in the process of studying about women in business. Students were able to learn that with diversity, people can lift up each other and achieve more. Ms. Ikegami's presentation further allowed students to reflect on the type of future they would like to pursue for themselves.

Article by Takuma Fukumoto (COB, 2nd year student)
Photos by Sian Usuki


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