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On May 4, 2018, Ms. Naomi Takegoshi, a senior trade advisor from the British Embassy, visited Rikkyo University to give a lecture to second year students in the College of Business (COB) as part of the EAP 2 course. During the guest lecture Ms. Takegoshi shared her experience as a trade advisor, which focuses on building business relationships between Japan and the United Kingdom.

First, Ms. Takegoshi talked about the general role of the British Embassy in Japan, before focusing specifically on trade. She described the type of work conducted by the trade division, such as helping British companies enter the Japanese market, doing market research to help British investors succeed in Japan, identifying potential business partners for British companies, and facilitating business opportunities. Ms. Takegoshi provided two example case studies to facilitate students’ understanding of her role.

Next, Ms. Takegoshi looked at how she was able to build her career, while also raising two children. She emphasized “it is possible to do both”, and discussed how she managed her work-life balance, by always having a plan A, B and C, which enabled her to drive her career forward, and ensure her family maintained priority. Ms. Takegoshi introduced students to support networks she utilized, such as her family, the community, colleagues and employers, childcare facilities, and government support. She mentioned that by using these support networks, she did not feel it was necessary to give something up (her job) in order to have a family.

Ms. Takegoshi’s lecture was very valuable and meaningful for students who were able to learn two things: (1) how business and government cooperate to facilitate business, and (2) how one’s environment makes it possible for someone to succeed both in work and lead a fulfilling family life.

Article by Nozomu Ohtsubo (COB, 2nd year student)
Photos by Professor Herbert Donovan


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