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Report on EAP 1 Panel Discussion about "Career Development"

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On December 15, 2017, Yoshiki Yuhara, Maki Kawarabayashi, and Takahiro Miyata gave a lecture to first year students in the College of Business as part of the EAP 1 course. The discussion panel theme was “Opportunities for students and early career professionals.” Each of the three guests made a presentation about their learning and work experiences, including factors which they overcame in their early career.

Mr. Yuhara, a marketing specialist at a leading digital marketing company, explained about the way he had made the career choice to change companies. Mr. Yuhara makes changes in his career following his own belief that he should develop his skills faster and deeper. As a result, he has been able to progress faster. From listening to him discuss his successful experiences, students learned the importance of having their own belief and specific career goals.

Ms. Kawarabayashi recently graduated from the College of Business and discussed her experience joiner a major consulting firm. She explained about the key skills that students learn in the College of Business which are needed after graduating university. One of the skills was communication skills, a key leadership skill that many EAP 1 students chose as the topic for their essays this semester. Accordingly, Ms Kawarabayashi’s presentation aligned with the content of the class and students were able to re-recognize the importance of this skill for their careers.

Mr. Miyata, a current Master of International Business student, made an impassioned statement to students about the importance to get out of their comfort zones. Since he has overcome many struggles in his student career, he gave many examples and solutions that students could actually implement. Mr. Miyata focused of the importance of having a personal belief to step forward and accept the challenge to become globally valuable. Overall, from listening to Mr. Miyata discuss his experiences, students learned that the way to change is via action.

Overall, the guest lecture was valuable and meaningful. From the guest lecture, students in College of Business learned that they should constantly improve skills and develop their own belief in their four years of study. Moreover, it became clear that they should start using these skills and challenging themselves to try new things, as soon as possible. Listening to the guests definitely influenced students and made them think of their own future, with many students asking interesting and important questions during the discussion period.

Written by Nozomu Ohtsubo, first-year student 

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