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Neii_Simon_Nate - 12.jpgのサムネール画像In the EAP 2 guest lecture held on June 16th, 2017, the general manager of Conrad Tokyo, Mr. Neil McInnes, talked to students about his career journey with the Hilton group. He also imparted on some advice to students on key action to help them find a successful career path. To begin with, Mr. Mclnnes shared with students his background, especially his role within the Hilton group over the last 20 years. He explained that he has experienced a variety of positions within the hotel industry, including working in the front office, as a revenue manager, and as a director of business development. In addition to this, he has worked for the Hilton group in the UK, Australia and Japan. He focused on his current position, as the general manager of Conrad Tokyo, and shared with students some key areas for them to be successful in a global business world. For example, he discussed the importance of teams for success, respecting others, being a mentor or having a mentor. He explained that by focusing on such skills, students could develop their own skills for their future.


Neii_Simon_Nate - 19.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像のサムネール画像

Next, Mr. McInnes talked with students of ways for them to develop a global outlook and how they can improve their competencies. He recommended that they watch the news to stay on top of current events affecting business, that they should learn a new language, travel to expand their horizons and find a competitor in order to continuously aim high. Mr. McInnes showed students how attention to small things in their everyday life can influence their success in a global business world. The lecture was concluded with a question and answer session, with EAP 2 students asking a number of follow-up questions. Students were able to gain much valuable knowledge from Mr. McInnes’ lecture, which will surely help them as they embark on their careers.

Article by Kanako Mizukami (EAP 2 Student)
Photos by Prof. Herbert Donovan

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