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Ms. Naomi Takegoshi, a senior trade advisor at the British Embassy talks to EAP 2 students

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Ms. Naomi Takegoshi, a senior trade advisor at the British Embassy visited Rikkyo University on May 5th, 2017 to talk to the EAP 2 students about the role of the British Embassy in Japan and her experience as a working mother. First, Ms. Takegoshi shared her career path with students, explaining how she found her interest in developing economies and later in the workings of the Japanese market. She found her-self wondering whether the Japanese market was too complicated for foreign businesses to expand into Japan. This spurred her interest in the relationship between foreign businesses and the Japanese market, which inspired her to apply for a position at the British Embassy, in the Department for International Trade, where she continues to work today.

Next, Ms. Takegoshi explained the role of the British Embassy in Japan and the type of work the embassy partakes in, for both British nationals in Japan and between businesses in the UK and Japan. As a senior trade adviser, Ms. Takegoshi has worked on a number of projects assisting the expansion of British business into Japan and vice versa, Japanese companies entering the UK market. She provided an example of the type of work she may participate in by discussing Financial Technology (Fintech), where her work would include playing a role as a mediator to connect stakeholders. For instance, banks, venture capitals, the media or Internet companies.

Finally, Ms. Takegoshi shared her experiences as a working mother, discussing her experience post maternity/child care leave and the kind of support she was offered to manage both a career and a family life. She highlighted the importance of prioritizing tasks, to ensure she was able to meet deadlines, while also being time efficient, in order to balance both work and a family life. To close, Ms. Takegoshi encouraged the EAP 2 students to research companies that they are interested in working for in the future, to understand the culture of the organization. Moreover, she stressed the importance of understanding one’s own strengths and characteristics in business to identify one’s own weaknesses to take further steps towards a successful future.

Article by Koki Iwama (Student Assistant)
Photos by Prof. Herbert Donovan


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