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Mr. Barton of TBWA HAKUHODO Speaks to COB Students about Advertising Industry

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On December 21, 2016, Mr. Grant Barton, Management Supervisor at TBWA HAKUHODO, gave  a special lecture to the COB students about the advertising industry, referring to his experiences and examining some case studies. In the lecture, he demonstrated key ideas that advertising agencies consider when designing advertising strategies for local and global markets.

First, Mr. Barton introduced his own history and development as a marketing strategist. He explained the different experiences he had which lead to him coming to Japan. Through his adventures, including working at a local advertising company in Japan, he came to realize that “touch points” with people who may encounter advertisements are important, stating that not only the traditional media such as TV commercials or print media, but other forms of media as well, could be effective means of communication. Furthermore, he emphasized that he had learned the importance of consistency throughout the advertisements so that they can spread sound brand recognition, using an example from a local Australian advertising firm that he used to work for.

Next, Mr. Barton gave the audience a brief explanation of his advertising agency (TBWA HAKUHODO) and showed the audience some actual cases from the global market. He introduced three case studies all for the same brand; one was for the local market and the others were for the global market. He reminded the audience that it is necessary to think of ways to touch or communicate with people and maintain the consistency of the brand in all markets. Moreover, he added that for the global market, advertising must find a different touch point from local campaigns, especially when there is a more complex message.

Overall, Mr. Barton pointed out that brand consistency is one of the most important considerations that advertising agencies should attend to, and suggested that advertising agencies should adopt a slightly different method to touch people depending on markets - while having an essentially identical message to transmit to people. Through his valuable lecture, including an extended question and answer session, COB students were able to realize the importance of retaining a consistent brand image and the necessity of adapting to the target market when advertising for businesses globally.


Reported by Ms. Maho Ichikawa, 

2nd Year Student, Dept. of Global Business



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