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EAP 2 End of Term Business Presentation Contest

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EAP 2 students from the College of Business participated in a business presentation competition on July 14th, showcasing their final efforts and hard work for the semester.

Four representative teams from each of the two EAP 2 streams researched and presented on a multinational company, looking at a company’s key strategies in response to globalization. Students analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of their company’s strategies, and examined how they responded to threats and opportunities in a global market. Based on their analysis, groups also provided recommendations to their companies for future growth.

Assoc. Professor Schules and Asst. Professor Fowler attended as judges for the competition. They asked each competing group questions and provided them with some feedback at the end.

All teams were able to demonstrate professional presentation skills that they had developed throughout the semester. Every team performed to a high standard, making it a difficult decision for the judges to chose a winning team.

In the first group of presentations, the “McDonald’s” team came out as the winning group, with Risako Fuchigami, Hiroki Haruna, Kosuke Yano, and Haruna Indei being declared the winners. In the second group, the “Zara” team came out on top with Klive Aguilar, Maho Ogawa, Kaede Morishita, Momoko Tabuse, and Tom Shibusawa winning.

Upon being chosen as the winning team, Tom Shibusawa commented, “Thanks to Asst. Professor Thompson’s strict but instructive advice, we were able to win. I am very pleased to be chosen as the winning team, and I will keep trying my best!”

 EAP 2 Presentations - 11.jpgEAP2Prezen2016 - 2.jpg

Article by Hanako Muta (2nd Year Student)

Photos by Herbert Donovan


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