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Neil McInnes, the GM of Hilton Tokyo Bay, talks to EAP 2 students about developing skills to be a gl...

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On June 24th, 2016, Mr. Neil McInnes, the General Manager of Hilton (Hotel) Tokyo Bay, visited Rikkyo University to speak to the EAP 2 students about the importance of developing skills to be a global-minded person in today’s globalized world. Mr. McInnes has worked in the hospitality industry with Hilton Hotels for over 20 years and has worked for Hilton in Scotland, Australia and Japan. 

First, Mr. McInnes discussed important characteristics leaders should develop, reflecting on his own work experience in multiple divisions within the hotel industry. He mentioned that setting an example is an essential quality for leaders to have, in order to build respect and a strong team. He emphasized the need for trust, and the importance of delegating work to other team members, who have the ability to manage tasks independently.

Next, Mr. McInnes offered students tips on what they can do to better prepare themselves for future success in a global setting. He advised students to learn a new language, and to immerse themselves in different cultures, in order to nurture necessary skills to work in an internationalized setting. In addition, he advised students to pay attention to international news and to keep up with current events in order to have a better understanding of global issues.  Lastly, Mr. McInnes discussed the importance of taking risks. Although many people view risk-taking negatively due to uncertainty or the fear of failure, he reminded everyone that risks also offer unforeseen opportunities that can open new doors or usher in success.

The lecture was concluded with a Q&A session with students’ eager to ask Mr. McInnes questions. The EAP 2 students were able to gain valuable insight into the hotel industry from Mr. McInnes’ lecture, which further motivated students to continue pursuing their journey to become a global business person.

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                                                                      Article by Misaki Iijima (2nd Year Student)

                                                                           Photos by Brian Guthrie


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