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IT Director for the Asia-Pacific Market of Toys R Us Spoke to EAP 2 Students about Global Business

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Mr. Joseph Rosolanko visited Rikkyo University on June 3rd, 2016 to talk to EAP 2 students about what it means for companies to be global and to share his experience working for large global companies. Mr. Rosolanko began his career working for Walt Disney in California, and later moved to Toys R Us in New York State. During his time at both companies he had the opportunity to travel the world and learn about the importance of company culture and how it contributes to global success. In 2010, he was given the opportunity to transfer to Japan with Toys R Us to lead an IT team and is now the IT Director for the Asia-Pacific market.

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Mr. Rosolanko began his talk by pointing out that people working in companies is what makes a company global. He emphasized the importance of understanding global culture, learning about business practices in other countries and adapting business practices as key strategies to global business success. He then discussed the history of Toys R Us and how the company entered Japan in 1991. He highlighted some of the entry challenges particular to the Japanese market and explained the complexities of the distribution system in terms of the toy market 25 years ago. Following this, Mr. Rosolanko described how Toys R Us collaborated with McDonalds when they first came to Japan, to help them understand business operations in their new market, such as the supply chain, legal issues and the transportation system. Such strategies have been instrumental for Toys R Us in other markets too for expanding and globalizing its brand and to adapt its business model in different markets.

Mr. Rosolanko showed the audience how Toys R Us differentiates its strategies in terms of product offerings and services to meet different consumer needs in various markets. In addition, he talked about how ‘change is constant’ and how this affects companies and the way they do business, particularly in IT. He highlighted how technology has changed consumer buying and how trends differ in various markets. Finally, Mr. Rosolanko stressed to students the importance of seeking out mentors as they build on their careers and the importance of patience, listening and understanding others when seeking a career within a global company. Students found Mr. Rosolanko’s talk very interesting and asked him a number of questions at the end of his presentation.


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Article by Nerys Rees

Photos by Herbert Donovan



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