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Ms. Takegoshi from the British Embassy talks about "Understanding Trade and Investment"

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On May 6th, Ms. Naomi Takegoshi, a Senior Trade Advisor for the British Embassy, visited Rikkyo University to speak to the EAP 2 students about the work the British Embassy does in Japan. First, Ms. Takegoshi explained a little about her experience living overseas and her interest in “Development Economics”. During Ms. Takegoshi’s time at university, she began considering if Japan was an impossible country for foreign countries to do business with and whether the Japanese market could change. Her desire to build trade and investment opportunities between Japan and other nations brought her to her current position at the British Embassy, where she has worked for more than 20 years.

During Ms. Takegoshi’s presentation, she explained to the EAP 2 students the structure of the British Embassy, and the type of work carried out there; for example, types of work the Ambassador might be responsible for, work involved by consular service, types of collaboration between Japan and the UK, and her role working in the trade and investment section. She explained why trade and investment is important for countries, and highlighted the percentage of FDI in Japan’s GDP.

Next, Ms. Takegoshi showed “megatrends” in Japan and what these mean for British companies, such as an ageing society or increasing single households. She explained the importance of analysing such megatrends to identify investment opportunities for UK companies to invest in Japan.

Finally, Ms. Takegoshi reflected on her career and talked about lessons she had learned throughout her work life. She also discussed how she maintained a work-life balance as a full-time working mother, while advancing in her career and the type of support she was offered. She mentioned an important strategy for her was “backcasting”, which helped her to identify her priorities and tasks in order to meet deadlines and attain end results.  

Students were able to gain valuable information from the presentation and were eager to learn more about the role of a trade advisor as well as Ms. Takegoshi’s experience as a full-time working mother.

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  Article by Nerys Rees

  Photos by Herbert Donovan


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