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Key Skills Needed to Succeed in International Companies: ESP Guest Lecturer Yuko Tanaka

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Ms. Yuko Tanaka, Training Manager at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo, gave a lecture to ESP students on January 20th, 2016 focusing on keys to success in working for international companies.

From her experiences working with international clients in Japan and overseas, Ms. Tanaka provided insights for COB students about how to be successful in multicultural environments. She provided examples from her experiences at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo to explain eight key skills for success. 

IMG_0143.JPGIn an interactive talk with questions to and from the student audience, Ms. Tanaka talked about career development, and processes that students' can use to expand opportunities. She introduced planned happenstance theory and discussed the importance of maximizing the value of unplanned events.

The talk concluded with Ms. Tanaka explaining three types of intelligence needed for intercultural business. She suggested that cultural and emotional intelligence are key for working in diverse teams, and suggested that students be proactive in developing their skills in these areas.



Reported by Gene Thompson


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